Tuesday, March 27, 2018

DCD: Easter Basket

Happy Diva Tuesday!
Wow Easter is this week and I have done nothing! lol
I hurt myself last week by falling on the ice. Badly bruised my back and cracked a rib. My goodness the pain.

Finally feel like myself (well on the road that way) and decided to make my children their own personalized Easter Baskets. 
Only one of them wanted an actually bunny!

My file comes from fontbundles.net and I love this little Monogrammed bunny.
I hope you enjoy this cute little image!  Brynn LOVES her new bunny especially that it has her name on it


  1. So sorry to hear you hurt yourself. Gosh, that had to be painful! I'm glad you're doing better. Your bunny is so cute, looks like a fun way to decorate an Easter basket.

  2. Super cute basket. Can't wait to see it filled with goodies.

  3. So sorry about your fall. I hate ice.

    That bunny is hanging on for dear life!! Adorable basket. Hope the real Easter Bunny fills it all the way to the top!


  4. Sorry to hear about your accident!! Hope you feel better soon!
    Cute bucket!
    Have a great day!

  5. Oh no Anita, I hope you are feeling better every day. The kids will love the baskets, so cute.