Monday, May 20, 2013

Wild Card 2 Video Series #1: Rainbow Card

Hi blogging friends. I have decided after finishing Wild Card, that I wanted to do another Cartridge Series. I have decided to do the Wild Card 2 Cricut Cartridge as a Video Tutorial. I have made a select few cards from this cartridge but am still learning as I go as this cartridge is different than the original Wild Card. So I will be learning along beside all of you.
So here is the first Video in this Series. I am starting at the beginning with Card #1, the Rainbow card.


  1. Hi Anita, I am personally thrilled that you will be doing WC2 also...since I recently purchased this one at the same time as WC ;)

    Cute rainbow card...nice to know that FTP is 5.25"! Thanks for taking the time to do this video!

  2. Thanks for info on doing one layer in green and one in blue for the rainbow. I just finished all of this series and do so appreciate the work you put into it for us. I want to do the Wild Card series (just not today...hahaha) but not sure if I should post on each one as that will send a LOT of entries for you to approve. SO I may just comment on the first and last ones.
    Again...thanks for doing this as it has helped me a lot.