Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Scraps-A personal Challenge

I, like every other crafter, hoard my scraps.  This is just a small taste of my Christmas scraps.
So I have decided to challenge myself.  My goal is to quickly or slowly (however I get there) dwindle down this pile by December 24th.  My goal is on that day to have them ALL gone.  In a perfect crafting world this will happen.  I have already told myself I am not allowed to by any Christmas paper until I get some of my paper pads used up a bit (and that is an extremely hard challenge!)
So every week (maybe a few times a week) I will post some projects under Christmas Scraps challenge to show you what I've been creating and crafting!  And hopefully by December 24th this pile will be gone! As I said, this is just some of the pile....
What do you do with your scraps???


  1. Good luck with your goal!

    Stay Creative,
    Carson's Creations

  2. This is why I joined the FB group Scrap to Treasures. Makes me use up my scraps!!!


  3. You've got some really pretty scraps, so this will be fun for you!! I think my scraps get together and have babies because they just seem to multiply!!! But I really am trying to use them!